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Kitamura My-center 0 Sparkcharge, 4th Wired, Riged Tapping, Tooling included


MX-1 Yasnac Control
X travel: 12”
Y travel: 10”
Z travel: 10”
Table Size 12"x18"
BT30 taper
High speed tool changer: .9 seconds
High speed pallet changer: 1.5 seconds
Chip to chip time: 3 seconds
Approximate Weight: 6,000 lbs.


Rigid tapping
Flood coolant
Coolant system
4th axis capable and wired
Aluminum bed plates on each pallet
RS232 communication ready
Has coolant tank with dual chip strainers
Approximate Weight: 6,000 lbs.
A few solid end-mill holders and approximately 10 ER style collet holders included

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