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Wright CNC Plasma Table 4x8 , 1/2" Capacity, 2017, Hypertherm 45 included, Cut Ready


This machine is no longer available. Please contact us to find a similar machine.
Machine Type:
Plasma - Fab
Wright 4x8 Plasma
1/2" recommended mild Steel Cap (Hypertherm 45)

* USB connectivity, wireless and network capable
* Remote view tech support available
* Software pack : and MyPlasma CNC Controller
* Fusion 360 compatible
* Control system mounted to framework for easy setup and space saving
* Efficiently designed for commercial grade strength
* Precision grade aluminum extruded gantry system, utilized for its light weight and strength
* Dual heavy duty linear rail guides and bearings for optimal speed and precision on X, Y and Z travel
* Heavy duty rack and pinion X and Y axis drives
* Heavy duty precision grade ball screw drive on Z axis with 6” of travel and clearance
* Industry Leading Nema 34 high torque stepper motors on X and Y axis for top speeds and acceleration
* Commercial grade automation wiring and cable management system
* Powder coated framework for durability and protection
* Patent pending universal dry/wet slat system designed for cost and function in mind
* Dry or wet material support system available on all machines
* Reference home switch to calibrate X,Y and Z axis zero coordinates automatically

Equipped With:

Hypertherm 45 Plasma Cutter
Computer System

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