Asset Recovery Management

Why Revelation Machinery?

Revelation Machinery was founded with a mission to make machinery buying and selling easier and more transparent through a focus on long-term partnerships, rather than one single transaction. That commitment has grown into a nationwide business with a massive stock of used and surplus CNC, Fabrication, and Process Equipment.

Revelation Machinery offers asset recovery services for manufacturing equipment from repossession and off-lease. We buy and sell these machines every day, which positions our team as true experts within our industry.

Our Asset Recovery Management services allow our customers to focus on what they do best while our team handles what we do best: the recovery, inspection, transportation, storage, and marketing of assets. We pride ourselves on a seamless and easy experience, with a goal of recouping the most value possible for recovered assets.


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The cost of recovery is minimized since our team is located in several states across the country. With the most sizable sales organization in the industry, Revelation Machinery offers better access for machine inspections and a greater market reach for reselling liquidated assets.

With warehouses located across the country, our team is ready to coordinate the loading, rigging, and delivery teams to safely transport recovered assets, regardless of their location. Storage at our warehouses is at no additional cost.


Finding the right buyer at the right time is critical to moving your equipment quickly and profitably. The marketing best practices followed by Revelation Machinery guarantee the visibility of your assets by an audience that is ready to buy. We not only have a great organic reach on various platforms, but we also invest in paid advertising to boost the online visibility of our available manufacturing equipment. Additionally, we have a huge contact list of potential buyers that we contact on a regular basis.

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