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Used Deburring Equipment For Sale

Please view the regularly updated inventory of used Deburring Equipment below. Inventory includes a variety of brands, lengths, and capacities.

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need!  If you have any questions about deburring equipment or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us!  If you need to sell your used deburring equipment, do so here!

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Apex Machine Group
SBM 1000
SBM-M 1500 B2-60 Deburring Machine
Multijet 2-3
LS Industries
STRB 2424

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Deburring Equipment

Designed to remove burrs and sharp edges from finished parts, used deburring machines are essential in metal and steel fabrication and manufacturing to create a quality part. Automated deburring machines ensure safety by minimizing manual labor and human error while smoothing out imperfections from metal, plastic and other materials to help enhance the part’s finish, functionality, and safety.

When purchasing a used deburring machine, there are factors to consider including:

Below, you can find answers to the most common questions asked when purchasing a used deburring machine.

What is the condition of the used industrial deburring machine?

While their heavy-duty construction makes deburring machines a smart investment, you’ll still want to look for signs of wear and tear on the equipment. Look for damage and mechanical issues and find out if the seller can provide you with maintenance records or any information on the deburring machine’s history. Most used deburring deburring equipment dealers offer photos and sometimes videos of the equipment running which can give you a look at not only the condition of the machine, but how well it operates.

What type of deburring method does the equipment utilize?

Does it use vibratory deburring, centrifugal deburring, brush deburring, tumbling, or another method? Common types of used deburring equipment include vibratory deburring machines, centrifugal deburring machines, brush deburring machines, tumbling machines, sandblasting equipment, and hand deburring tools. Each type has its own mechanisms and features for specific deburring applications.

What is the price and overall value of the equipment?

When considering the cost and overall value of the used deburring machine you’re interested in, you’ll want to factor in the age, condition and overall capabilities of the equipment. Keep the deburring machine’s manufacturer, make and model in mind as well as the costs to ship the deburring machinery to your location. Revelation Machinery not only has machinery experts nationwide, but has used deburring machines for sale spread throughout the United States which helps you save on transportation costs.

What are the capabilities of the equipment?

Find out what sizes and types of materials the deburring machine can handle. Ask questions regarding the production capacity.

Is the equipment compatible with your manufacturing needs?

Used deburring equipment can often be integrated into your existing production setup, but it’s always important to consider compatibility with your existing manufacturing equipment, space constraints, and any necessary modifications or adjustments to a production line. Find out if the machine aligns with the materials, sizes, and shapes of the parts you need to deburr. If you have specifications or special requirements, can the machine accommodate those?

What is the reputation of the equipment manufacturer?

Do your research on the manufacturer of the used deburring equipment you’re looking to purchase. Are they well known and respected in the industry? Visit the original manufacturer’s website to look at their mission statement, values and customer reviews. Feedback from other customers regarding the equipment you’re interested in can help assist you in understanding the equipment’s reliability, performance and longevity.

What safety features does the equipment have?

Ensure the used deburring machine you’re interested in complies with safety standards and regulations. Does it have proper guards, interlocks, emergency stop mechanisms, and other safety measures?

What kind of service and support is available?

Does the used equipment dealer provide technical assistance if any issues arise? Always check to see if there is a warranty offered with the used equipment you’re purchasing.

Are spare parts readily available for the equipment?

Find out if you can purchase spare parts from the same used equipment dealer you want to purchase your used deburring machine from. Are they easy to obtain? Ask the used equipment dealer to provide you with reliable sources for purchasing used deburring machine parts.

Where can I find used deburring equipment for sale?

Used deburring equipment through various sources including through used equipment dealers like Revelation Machinery, online marketplaces, industry trade shows and through online equipment auctions. Always purchase through a reputable used equipment dealer.