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Almco OR-10 Long Radius Round Bowl Vibratory Deburring Machine, 1997 – REFURBISHED LIKE BRAND NEW, 6 Month Warranty


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Length: 62″ (less free-standing main electrical enclosure)
Width: 53″
Height: 45″
Outside Bowl Diameter: 53″
Bowl Working Diameter: 36.25″ (centerline diameter of bowl channel)
Bowl Cross Section: 12.5″
Diameter Bowl Working Capacity: 9
Cubic Feet Bowl Lining: 1″ Thick Polyurethane
90 Durometer Product Load Height: 45″ (at top lip of processing bowl)
Parts/Media Discharge Height: 26″ (from plug door in bottom of bowl)
Power: 460 V, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle

Equipped With:
New Vibe Bearings
New Vibratory Drive Belt
Process Timer
Urethane Lined Tub
Variable Speed Belt Drive Motor
Automatic Lubrication System
Sound Hood