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Used Industrial Labeling Machine FAQs

What types of labels can the equipment handle?

Before purchasing industrial labeling equipment, confirm the range of labels the machine is capable of handling to ensure it’s compatible with the specific labels required for your packaging needs. Also factor in label sizes, shape, material type such as pressure-sensitive, shrink sleeve, and wrap-around, and the adhesive type including heat, inkjet, or adhesive.

What are the different types of used commercial label printers?

While there are various types of used labeling equipment to meet your different labeling requirements and accommodate different packaging materials, shapes and sizes, it’s essential to choose the right type of labeling machinery based on your specific production requirements and labeling needs. The most common types of used labeling machines include:

  • Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machines
  • Sleeve Labeling Machines
  • Wrap-Around Labeling Machines
  • Print and Apply Labeling Systems
  • Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machines
  • Inkjet Labeling Machines
  • Front and Back Labeling Machines
  • Top and Bottom Labeling Machines
  • Rotary Labeling Machines
  • Print and Apply Pallet Labeling Systems

What is the labeling speed and throughput of the industrial label printer?

Verify the industrial label printer’s labeling speed which is the number of labels it can apply per minute. Compare the labeling speed with your production volume and requirements to ensure the used labeler can meet your production targets.

What labeling methods does the used labeling equipment use?

Compare the needed labeling method for your packaging requirements with the industrial labeler to ensure it supports your needs. Industrial labeling machines employ a variety of methods from pressure-sensitive labeling and hot melt glue labeling to sleeve labeling and inkjet printing.

Is the used labeling machinery adjustable for different container sizes?

Verify the commercial labeling equipment’s flexibility when it comes to accommodating different container sizes, shapes, and materials. Many used labeler machines offer adjustable features, giving them the ability to handle a variety of packaging formats and sizes within your production line.

Does the industrial label maker have built-in quality control features?

To maintain product quality, ensure accurate label placement, and prevent labeling mistakes and wasted labels, find out what quality control features are built into the used labeling machinery such as label detection sensors or vision systems.

What are the maintenance requirements and downtime of the industrial label printer?

From routine cleaning and calibration to replacing parts, make sure you understand the maintenance requirements of the used industrial labeling equipment. Depending on the machine model and manufacturer, you may be able to find maintenance schedules on the manufacturer’s website. Understanding the estimated downtime for maintenance and the availability of spare parts are important when it comes to production planning.

Does the used labeling equipment integrate with existing packaging machinery?

Confirm the used labeler can integrate with your existing packaging machinery or production line such as fillers, cappers or sealers. Equipment compatibility allows for a smooth integration that can help reduce production line disruptions and improve efficiency.

What is the industrial label machine’s reliability and durability?

When looking at different manufacturers and models of used labeling machines, research the equipment’s reliability and durability by viewing user reviews and testimonials to get an idea of how customers feel the model performs in applications. Oftentimes, you can find this information right on the manufacturer’s website or by searching the model and the word “reviews” on search engines like Google. Performing this research can show the brand reputation, construction quality, and support offered by the manufacturer.

Is the used commercial labeler compliant with safety regulations?

Verify the used labeling equipment meets all safety guidelines and regulatory requirements for your industry, as this is essential to protect operators and ensure product integrity. Find out if any certificates of compliance come with the equipment.

Can the industrial label printer be tested before purchasing?

Once you’ve decided which industrial labeling machine you’d like to purchase and have verified the machine specifications, features and capabilities will meet your production and labeling requirements, reach out to the used equipment dealer to schedule an inspection. While you can view photos and oftentimes, video of the machine on a used equipment dealer’s website, an inspection gives you an in-person view of the machine running and allows you a close-up look to view the overall condition of the used labeling equipment.

What is the total cost of the used labeling machine?

The price of used industrial labeler machines will vary based on age and condition, manufacturer and model, features and capabilities, maintenance and repair costs, consumables such as labels and inks, transportation costs once purchased and more. You’ll also want to consider the value the industrial labeler will provide with increased production, reduced manual labor, and energy efficiency. You should also think about future options such as selling the industrial labeling equipment back to a used equipment dealer.

When you’re ready to purchase a used industrial labeling machine, Revelation Machinery is here to help you find the equipment that’ll improve production while saving you money. Fill out the form or reach out to our used equipment experts today! Interested in selling your labeling machinery? Learn how easy it is to sell your used industrial labeling equipment for cash to Revelation Machinery.