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Turn idle equipment into cash more quickly by contacting Revelation Machinery. We facilitate purchases from factories nationwide to connect buyers to machinery like yours.


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Sell Used Machines, Hassle-Free

CNC Machinery

From lathes to mills, find a buyer for your CNC machinery.

Fabrication Equipment

Offload aged press brakes and lasers, and more.

Process Equipment

Sell bulky process equipment like tanks and heat exchangers easily.

Packaging Equipment

Move old filling and labeling machines off the floor

Plastics Equipment

Find trustworthy buyers for your plastics equipment.

Sell Equipment at Auction

Get the best prices for your used machinery.

How It Works

Revelation Machinery’s simple, fully online process makes it easy to sell machinery online. If you’d like to find a buyer for your machinery, our experts are standing by to help you through our hassle-free brokerage process.


Initial Assessment

To start, we’ll need you to specify the equipment you intend to sell along with all necessary identification details, such as make, model, year of manufacture, and other significant information that a potential buyer might need to know.


Condition Photographs

In addition to the manufacturing details, you’ll also have to provide photographs that can confirm the condition of the equipment. Depending on the type of used machine you are selling, we may ask for different angles and clear pictures of specific components prone to degeneration. High-quality images can always speed up the process! To learn more about our photo guidelines for the equipment, please visit the Help Center.


Floor Requirements

Your floor requirements can determine what’s possible. These machines are often costly to move, so if you can keep the machine on your floor until we find a buyer to move it themselves, you can save even more. If you do need to sell machinery online and get it off your floor immediately, we can move it to our own showroom until we find a buyer. Our experts may also be able to set up a consignment arrangement.

Your local partner, nationwide
Revelation Machinery offers the large inventory and competitive pricing you’d expect from a national dealer, but with the presence and personal service of a local partner.

Fair pricing, a transparent sales process, and honest communication allow our customers to place their trust in Revelation.

Committed to customer service

Revelation stands behind the machinery we sell. If a customer is not happy with a machine, we’re committed to making it right.