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Sell your used
laser equipment

We make the selling process as smooth as possible. It is our mission to be the most trustworthy used machinery dealer in the industry. Here at Revelation Machinery, we have developed a no-pressure process for selling machinery and offer flexible selling arrangements as well as shipping arrangements. You may have machinery that is sitting idle for months because you cannot find a buyer through your local contacts. We can expand your customer outreach and get your machine listed on several platforms. Your used machine will be 5-6x more likely to sell with us than on your own!

How do I sell my used laser cutting machines with Revelation Machinery?​

Fill out the form, or call/text us at 618-323-3920

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How It Works

Below is the information needed to begin the selling process. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the below requirements.


Initial Assessment

To make an initial assessment of your used laser machine, we need the following information to be able to give you the best quote possible.

Serial Number
Type (CO2 or Fiber)
Table Size (L)
Table Size (W)

Depending on the type of laser machine, we may need details including: hours (machine on hours and beam on hours), is a dust collector or chiller included?, when was the resonator last built? and more.

Contact us for the exact requirements of the used laser cutting machine you wish to sell.


Condition Photographs

We will need photographs taken of the machine. We may request specific angles or components to show customers exactly what they are potentially purchasing. There are some components of machines that are prone to wear, so these should be included. Taking high-quality photographs initially will be very helpful in moving the process along. Visit our Help Center to learn more about used laser cutting machine photo guidelines. 

Floor Requirements

We need to know what your floor requirements are. Can you keep this machine on your floor until it is sold? Or do you need the machine off the floor immediately? It is very expensive to move machines, so we can save you a lot of money if we keep the machine with you until we can find a buyer who will move the machine themselves. There is also the option of consignment arrangements.

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser cutting is a fabrication process that uses a focused laser beam to cut or engrave materials into specific shapes, patterns or designs. These machines are used mainly to cut metal and are able to produce excellent cut quality due to its small heat affected zone. The types of lasers you will find at Revelation Machinery are CO2 lasers, Fiber lasers, Laser Engravers, and Tube lasers. You will find our laser cutting machines under the fabrication machine category.

Our company wants to make this as convenient as possible for you! We know how busy you are running your shop and don’t have time for the back and forth of selling machines. Let us do all of the hard work and take that burden off of your shoulders. Revelation Machinery handles all contact with potential customers which frees up all of your time to focus on your company operations. We are even willing to come out to your shop to meet and discuss how we can meet your goals for acquiring and liquidating machinery for the near future. Our main focus is building relationships with our customers so we can provide top quality service.