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Used Accurpress Machines

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About Accurpress

Founded in 1975 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, the Accurpress Company began with a promise to build a press brake for a local Vancouver fabricator. From there, Accurpress grew and flourished as a credible manufacturer of quality machine tools. Accurpress founder and owner, Ted Hilton, had a passion: to build excellent machinery, treat customers with respect and ensure that Accurpress products were recognized throughout North America as machines that offered great value.

While machine details may have changed over the years, the goal of Accurpress has always remained the same – designing, engineering, and producing high-quality press brakes and shears that give end-users a high return on their investment. From their first press brake to the year 2020, Accurpress has created over 21,000 press brakes ranging in tonnage from 25 to 2,500 and shears from 10ga. to 1″ capacities with no signs of slowing down.

The Accurpress Company’s primary goal has been to provide end-users with high quality, cost-effective solutions for their forming and shearing needs. From innovation and the stive for perfection to creativity and integrity, Accurpress combines these qualities with close to 50 years of experience to give you the finest quality materials that offer long-life and accuracy from all Accurpress products.

In the 1970s, there was a high demand for quality press brakes and shears, with customers asking for higher shearing capacities and press brakes with greater tonnage. Hearing this demand, Accurpress rose to the challenge and by the late 1970s, had expanded its business into the USA with a manufacturing facility in Willmar, Minnesota to ensure they could accommodate their increasing market share.

By 1981, Accurpress further expanded its Canadian operation by adding another 20,000 sq. ft. of production to accommodate the demand for larger press brakes like their 1250 ton x 24-foot press brake machine.

The 80s also brought on a big demand for much higher cycle times and various shearing enhancements. Accurpress took this opportunity to make changes to the Accurshear which resulted in a lower profile version offering much higher shearing cycles per minute. Accurpress was able to create and maintain a quality shear that offered structural integrity that was lacking from many shear builders. With the addition of various cost-saving features like manual and power blade clearance adjustments, greater backgauge functionality and swing-up backstop bars, the newly designed Accurshear was the #1 seller in North America and still is to this day.

By the mid-80s, Accurpress leaped into the CNC backgauge market, introducing their first CNC gauge, the AP2. Today, after numerous advancements and developments, the Accurpress CNC backgauge can accommodate the most complicated and sophisticated applications. Besides gauging options, Accurpress also offers a range of backgauges from Premium to Supreme to Titan that have specific features and ruggedness to handle every bending requirement from precision sheet metal to the heaviest of plate forming.

In the 1990s, the high demand of press brakes led Accurpress management to expand its operation, creating a manufacturing facility in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Today, Accurpress offers a greater selection of tonnage models than any other builder of press brakes worldwide. From 25 ton to 3,000 ton and larger, Accurpress is able to handle virtually any tonnage and length of press brake. Accurpress press brakes are carefully engineered to ensure customer needs are satisfied.

Looking at the next decade and beyond, Accurpress has ensured their position as a progressive solutions provider by continuing to innovate forming and shearing technologies to offer the finest press brakes and shears that North America has to offer.

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