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Used Laser Engravers for Sale

Please view the regularly updated inventory of used Laser Engravers below. Below is our up to date selection of used laser engravers. If you don’t find the machine you are looking for, please contact us!

Check out our inventory regularly to be the first to see newly added machines. If you have any questions about used laser engravers or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us!  If you need to sell your used laser engraver, do so here!

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Found Results

50 Watt
Year: 2007
300 Watt
Speedy 300
Year: 2019
20 Watt
Control Laser
Tactical ArmsMark F20
Year: 2020
60 Watt
Open Frame
Year: 2022
100 Watt
Year: 2017
150 Watt
Year: 2019
45 Watt
Year: 2018
1500 Watt
MIX84 Combo
Year: 2022
155 Watt
Year: 2019
30 Watt
Trotec Rayjet
Rayjet 50
Year: 2021
20 Watt
speedmarker 700
Year: 2017
150 Watt
Year: 2022

Used Laser Engraver FAQs


What is the laser power and its suitability for my applications?

Laser power determines the engraving depth and speed. Different materials require different laser power levels to ensure optimal engraving so it’s important to consider not only the thickness, but the hardness of materials you plan to engrave and make sure you choose an industrial laser engraver with sufficient power for your needs.

What is the maximum engraving area or workpiece size?

Confirm through machine specification details or with a used equipment dealer the maximum engraving area or workpiece size that the industrial laser engraver can accommodate. Make sure it can not only meet your project requirements and size of the materials you’ll work with, but also think about any potential future needs for larger workpieces.

What are the most common types of laser engraver machines?

In the fabrication industry, there are various types of laser engraver machines to cater to different engraving needs and applications. While each used laser engraver has its own strengths and weaknesses, the type of equipment you choose will depend on a number of factors including materials you’re engraving, level of detail required, engraving depth and speed, budget, industry requirements, and more. Some of the most common types of used industrial laser engravers include:

  • Used CO2 Laser Engravers
  • Used Fiber Laser Engravers
  • Used Diode Laser Engravers
  • Used UV Laser Engravers
  • Used Green Laser Engravers
  • Used Galvo Laser Engravers
  • Used Hybrid Laser Engravers


What types of materials can be engraved?

Compare the materials you intend to engrave with the materials the commercial laser engraver can handle to ensure the equipment is compatible. Used industrial laser engravers have different capabilities when it comes to engraving various materials including wood, acrylic, glass, metal, leather, and plastic so verifying the equipment can handle the specific materials you’ll be working with is essential.

What is the engraving speed and accuracy?

While industrial laser engraving machines can offer different engraving speeds, higher speeds are going to be beneficial for large-scale production and greater accuracy will allow for more intricate designs and finer details. Confirm the engraving speed and precision of the laser engraving machine you’re interested in through the machine specifications or with the used equipment dealer.

Does the laser engraver machine offer rotary attachment capability?

If you’re in need of rotary engraving, verify through machine specifications or with the used equipment dealer whether the laser engraver machine you’re interested in has the capabilities to add a rotary attachment or an option to add it. If you need help finding laser engraving equipment with this capability, feel free to reach out to the equipment dealer who can show you all the inventory that matches these parameters.

What software is compatible with the laser engraver equipment?

Compare the file formats you’re used to working with, with what software is used to control the laser engraver to ensure they’re compatible. Look at what features are offered including editing capabilities, parameter customization, and design import which can help improve productivity.

Is the laser engraver user-friendly and easy to operate?

Confirm whether the laser engraver equipment comes with manuals or training resources to help operators learn how to use the machine. If not included, look on the manufacturer’s website, where oftentimes you can find downloadable equipment manuals, maintenance schedules, and training resources. Evaluate the interface and controls to find out how user-friendly the commercial laser engraver is.

What safety features are included on the laser engraver machine?

To ensure the used commercial laser engraver is safe for operators and can prevent accidents, verify the safety features included on the equipment such as laser power control, safety interlocks, enclosure, and emergency stop buttons.

Can the used laser engraver machine be tested before purchase?

Once you’ve decided on a used industrial laser engraver to purchase, contact the used equipment dealer to schedule an inspection at a date and time that works best for you. This will give you a chance to get an in-person view of the laser engraver machine running as well as a detailed look at the overall condition and capabilities of the equipment.

What is the cost of the laser engraver and its overall value?

Prices of used industrial laser engravers will vary based on many factors including age and condition, manufacturer and model, features and capabilities, maintenance, consumables such as laser tubes, expenses associated with operating the equipment as well as transportation costs once the used laser engraver is purchased. Consider the overall value of the machine with increased production, reduction in manual work, and more.
Revelation Machinery is here to help you find the laser engraver equipment that’s right for you. Fill out the form or contact our used equipment experts to help you find what you need. Interested in selling your equipment? Find out how to sell your used laser engraver machine for cash to Revelation Machinery today!