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Electric Press Brakes

Used Electric Press Brakes For Sale

Please view the regularly updated inventory of used electric press brakes. Inventory includes a variety of brands, tonnage, and lengths. The primary press brake brands include Accurpress, Amada, Baykal, Bystronic, Chicago, Cincinnati, Guifil, HTC, Pacific, Verson, Wysong, and more. If you can’t find the press brake you are looking for, contact us.

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0 Ton
x 40'
TruBend 7036
Year: 2016
73 Ton
x 8'
E-Series 65-2550 HS TS 3
Year: 2005
28 Ton
x 2.5'
Year: 1900

Used Electric Press Brake FAQs


What is the maximum bending capacity of the electric press brake?

When determining the maximum bending capacity, take your range of materials, thickness and specific bending requirements into consideration to ensure the used electric press brake you’re interested in can handle them. Maximum bending capacity is the maximum thickness and length of the metal sheet the electric press brake can effectively bend.

What is the electric press brake’s bending length?

Bending length determines the maximum length of the metal sheet that can be bent. Make sure the electric press brake has a sufficient bending length to manage your workpieces by determining the size of the metal sheets you typically work with.

What is the pressing force of the electric press brake?

Pressing force determines the amount of force applied to bend a metal sheet. Thicker and harder materials require a higher pressing force, so make sure you consider the types of materials you work with, their thickness, and length to ensure your electric press brake can generate a high enough pressing force to achieve the bends needed.

Are electric press brakes accurate and precise?

To achieve consistent, high-quality bends, accuracy and precision are essential. When looking for a used electric press brake, consider features such as repeatability and high positioning accuracy to ensure consistent bends across different parts and production runs.

What is the control system and software used in the electric press brake?

The electric press brake’s software and control system play a vital role in both programming and operating a press brake. An electric press brake’s control system should be intuitive, efficient and offer user-friendly interfaces and features like automatic angle calculation and backgauge positioning.

What is the speed of the electric press brake?

Press brake speed will affect the overall productivity. Consider your production needs and the bending speed required to ensure the electric press brake you’re looking at can deliver accurate bends without compromising the overall performance.

Do electric press brakes have automation and customization options?

Always verify the automation and customization options in the electric press brake you’re interested in. Check to see if the press brake can accommodate special tooling needs or customized to meet production requirements. Automation features including CNC controls, material handling systems, and automatic tool changers can help improve efficiency and productivity.

What safety features are included in a used electric press brake?

To ensure the electric press bake complies with industry standards and protects operators, evaluate the safety features included on the machine including light curtains, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks to ensure a safe working environment.

What should be considered when evaluating the cost of an electric press brake?

When evaluating the price of a used electric press brake, you’ll want to factor in the manufacturer, model, condition, age, and features. Look at long-term benefits such as increased productivity, reduced setup times, improved bending accuracy, and overall operational efficiency. Don’t forget to include transportation costs as well as the possibility of selling your used electric press brake back to a used equipment dealer in the future.

Who are the top manufacturers of electric press brakes?

When determining what used electric press brake machine you want to buy, manufacturer and model can factor in. It’s important to compare features, performance, support, spare parts, and customer reviews. The following electric press brake manufacturers are known in the industry for having a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as well as technological advancements. Electric press brake manufacturers include:

  • Amada
  • Bystronic
  • Trumpf
  • LVD Group
  • Salvagnini
  • Durma
  • Haco
  • Prima Power
  • Ermaksan
  • Yawe

Revelation Machinery is here to help you find what you need. Fill out the form or reach out to our equipment experts today. If you still have questions, read what questions you should ask before purchasing used press brakes. Interested in selling? Find out how to sell your electric press brakes for cash to Revelation Machinery today!