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Used Generators for Sale

View a range of used Generators for sale from Revelation Machinery, here. We look forward to assisting you to find the equipment for your needs. If you don’t find the generator you are looking for, please contact us!

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need!  If you have any questions about used generators or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us! Interested in selling your machinery? Learn how to sell used generators to Revelation Machinery today.

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Used Industrial Generators

Primarily used as a reliable source of backup or emergency power, used industrial generators are designed to provide electricity during power outages or when the main power supply is unavailable or disrupted. When relying heavily on electrical power to operate various industrial machinery, equipment and processes, it’s crucial to have a back up power source to ensure continuous production and prevent costly downtime.
From power requirements to noise level and fuel type to generator size, there are a variety of factors that should be considered before purchasing a used generator to ensure it can meet your specific needs. By considering the following factors, you can make an informed decision and feel confident in purchasing an industrial generator that will suite your industry’s requirements.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Used Industrial Generator

Power Requirements: Determine the total power requirements of your processing equipment and machinery. Consider both the continuous and peak power demands to choose a generator with sufficient capacity to handle your load.
Type of Fuel: Decide on the type of fuel that best suits your operations. Common options include diesel, natural gas, propane, and gasoline. Consider factors like fuel availability, cost, emissions, and any regulatory restrictions.
Generator Size and Capacity: Choose an appropriate generator size and capacity to ensure it can handle your equipment’s power demands with some room for future expansion.
Emissions and Environmental Regulations: Ensure the generator complies with local and national emissions regulations. Select an eco-friendly model if possible to minimize the environmental impact.
Reliability and Performance: Research the reliability and performance history of the generator brand and model you are considering. Look for user reviews and consult with industry experts if possible.
Maintenance Requirements: Understand the maintenance needs of the generator. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Consider the availability of maintenance services and spare parts.
Noise Level: Consider the noise level of the generator, especially if it will be located close to working areas or residential areas. Low-noise generators are preferred in such cases.
Transfer Switch and Automatic Start: Determine if the generator comes with a transfer switch and automatic start capabilities. These features are essential for seamless and quick switching to backup power during outages.
Installation and Space Requirements: Assess the space available for the generator installation and ensure it can be accommodated properly in your facility.
Cost and Budget: Compare the initial purchase cost, ongoing fuel expenses, and maintenance costs of different generator options. Choose a generator that aligns with your budget while providing the necessary performance and reliability.
Safety Features: Look for safety features like overload protection, automatic shut-off, and alarms to ensure the safe operation of the generator.
Revelation Machinery has a regularly updated inventory of used industrial generators for sale. Fill out the form or reach out to our equipment experts today and let us help you find the equipment you need. Interested in selling? Find out how to sell your used commercial generator for cash to Revelation Machinery!