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Process Equipment

Used Process Equipment For Sale

Searching for used process equipment for sale? Revelation has many options to choose from. We offer quality used process machines for a variety of brands & industries including chemical equipment, cosmetic equipment, the cannabis industry, recycling industry, and more!

Used process equipment includes:

Used Air Compressors | Used Boilers | Used Chillers | Used Filters | Used Furnaces | Used Generators | Used Heat Exchangers | Used Lab Equipment | Used Lifts | Used Mixers | Used Ovens | Used Plastic Equipment | Used Printing Equipment | Used Pumps | Used Tanks | Process Equipment under $20,000

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Here are some of the types of equipment that may be available from Revelation Machinery, or you may be able to sell us your used equipment:

Adhesive & Sealant Equipment – Sealant equipment can come in a variety of forms including standard and custom meter-mix dispense systems, pressure regulators, pumps, tanks, fluid control dispense valves, and more. Commonly, this equipment is used in the electronic, automotive, medical, aerospace, appliance, and defense industries.

Cannabis Industry Equipment – The cannabis industry is projected to grow to a value of $85 billion by 2028 as more areas of the world begin to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational uses. Revelation Machinery is here to help the many growing companies in the industry to buy and sell this new specialized equipment.

Chemical Equipment – Revelation is happy to buy and sell a variety of chemical equipment for a number of different industries. Some examples of chemical equipment include reactors (ss, glass-lined, alloy, vacuum, agitated), fermentators, fluid bed batch/continuous dryers, spray dryers, belt dryers, vacuum shelf dryers, rotary kiln & direct fire, calciners & indirect dryers, and many others.

Cosmetic Equipment – Cosmetic equipment is another of Revelation’s top equipment options. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we have many options, including kettles, tanks, homogenizers, tuthill pumps, mixing pumps, tri clover pumps, waukeshaw pumps, packaging, etc.

Food & Beverage Equipment – Revelation has helped many in the food & beverage industry to find the equipment they’re looking for. Common machines include kettles, tanks, vacuum pans, agitators, cooker coolers, fluid transfer equipment, mixers, and blenders.

Packaging Equipment – The packaging sector turns to Revelation for their packaging equipment and machines – whether buying or selling. Common packaging equipment includes weighing & counting equipment, vertical form fill & seal bagging equipment, PAD printing machines, accumulators, air pillow machines, bag openers, bag sealers, capping machines, and many others.

Pharmaceutical Equipment – Revelation offers pharmaceutical equipment for sale, or to buy. Common pharmaceutical machines include reverse osmosis systems, laser cutting machines, co2 lasers, and a variety of other machines for a variety of uses within the pharma industry.

Plastics Equipment  Revelation is interested in purchasing and providing the following plastics equipment for sale including twin screw extruders, injection molders, downstream equipment, blow molders, plastic winders, plastics pelletizers, thermoforming equipment, sheet lines, grinders, recycling equipment, and more.

Power Generation Equipment – The power generation sector relies on Revelation for a variety of different machines. These may include gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, boilers, and many more.

Recycling Equipment – Revelation is proud to support the recycling industry with a number of different machines that may include balers, shredders, conveyors, shears, compactors, and more.