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Used Okuma Machines

Are you searching for used Okuma machines for sale? Revelation Machinery is your resource for Okuma brand machines. We offer a regularly updated inventory of quality used Okuma products for a variety of industries, including aerospace, auto/truck, con/agra, consumer electronics, energy, job shops, mass production, and medical. Our inventory includes premium used Okuma machinery that you may need to keep your business running! Please view our regularly updated inventory of Used Okuma machines, including used Okuma Lathes, Machining Centers, Grinders, and more. Our inventory includes a variety of sizes and capacities. If you don’t find the Used Okuma machine you are looking for, please contact us! Looking to sell? Learn how to sell your used Okuma machines to Revelation Machinery today!

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About Okuma

In 1898, Okuma produced a noodle-making machine, which was the company’s beginning when they were initially named “Okuma Noodle Machine Co.”. It was in the year 1918 that Okuma began manufacturing lathes, which shifted the company’s focus to the CNC machine tool industry. Today, Okuma produces equipment for the Aerospace / Defense, Automotive, Construction / Agriculture, Fluid Power, Oil / Energy, Medical, Die / Mold, Contract Manufacturing, and Heavy Truck and Bus industries. 


Okuma manufactures several lathes, including vertical lathes, horizontal lathes, and multi-tasking lathes. A horizontal turning lathe is commonly referred to as a “CNC Lathe”, while a vertical lathe is known as a “Vertical Turret Lathe”. The difference is how the turret mounts to the machine, horizontally or vertically. Multi-axis lathes refer to tools that move in directions beyond the standard X, Y, and Z axes, such as A and B. Our used Okuma Lathe inventory often includes CNC Lathes, Multi-Axis Lathes, Vertical Turret Lathes, and Engine Lathes

Machining Centers

Similar to their offering of Lathes, the Okuma Machining Center lineup includes Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs), Horizontal Machining Centers (HMCs), and 5-axis Machining Centers. Most of Okuma’s machining centers are Vertical Machining Centers, where the spindle is mounted vertically along the top of the machine. Okuma’s 5-axis Machining Centers’ spindle moves along the X, Y, Z, A, and B or C axis. Most of Revelation Machinery’s Okuma Machining Centers are Vertical Machining Centers, but we often have Horizontal Machining Centers in stock. 


Okuma manufactures ID and OD grinders. The capacity of the grinding wheels on Okuma Grinders ranges from 18″ to 30″. An ID Grinder removes material from the inner diameter of a part, typically to achieve a finished surface of a specific tolerance. Likewise, an OD Grinder finishes the outside diameter of a workpiece.

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need! If you have questions about Okuma machines or need to find a specific type, please contact us