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Hybrid Press Brakes

Used Hybrid Press Brakes For Sale

Please view the regularly updated inventory of used hybrid press brakes. Inventory includes a variety of brands, tonnage, and lengths. The primary press brake brands include Accurpress, Amada, Baykal, Bystronic, Chicago, Cincinnati, Guifil, HTC, Pacific, Verson, Wysong, and more. If you can’t find the press brake you are looking for, contact us.

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138 Ton
x 14'
Promecam HFBO 125-40
Year: 1996

Used Hybrid Press Brake FAQs

Combining the advantage of both hydraulic and electric press brakes, hybrid press brakes utilize electric servo motors for precision control and energy efficiency, all while hydraulic systems provide the necessary force for bending operations.

What are the advantages of a hybrid press brake over other types of press brakes?

  • Increased energy efficiency: Not only do hybrid press brakes consume less energy compared to traditional hydraulic press brakes, but those energy savings can result in cost savings.
  • Enhanced precision: Electric servo motor control offers high accuracy and repeatability, allowing for precise bending angles and tolerances.
  • Reduced noise levels: Hybrid press brakes operate quieter than purely hydraulic machines.
  • Versatile operation: Hybrid press brakes offer a wide range of bending capabilities and can handle various materials and thicknesses.


What factors should be considered when choosing a hybrid press brake?

Bending capacity: Because hybrid press brakes have varying capacities, it’s essential to choose one that can handle your requirements. Determine not only the material you’ll use, but the maximum thickness and length of the material you plan to bend.
Tonnage: Make sure to select a hybrid press brake with adequate tonnage, the maximum amount of force the machine can exert to bend the material, for your bending tasks.
Control system: Ensure you choose a hybrid press brake that offers a user-friendly control system that offers precise programming and control options, automation features, and an intuitive interface.
Backgauge system: Helping to position your material accurately for bending, make sure the hybrid press brake you’re interested in offers a reliable and precise backgauge system. Most advanced hybrid press brakes feature CNC-controlled backgauges, giving you enhanced accuracy and efficiency.
Safety features: Check the hybrid press brake for safety features like emergency stop buttons, safety light curtains, two-hand controls, guards, and interlocking mechanisms to prevent accidents and protect operators.

What materials can hybrid press brakes handle?

Hybrid press brakes are able to handle a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and more. Always consult the machine’s specifications or manufacturer to check for specific material compatibility to ensure the bending capacity can handle your material’s strength and thickness.

Are hybrid press brakes energy-efficient?

Hybrid press brakes are known for their energy-saving capabilities. Consider the energy efficiency ratings of the machine and how it aligns with your sustainability goals and cost-saving initiatives.

What maintenance is required for a used hybrid press brake?

Not only should you understand the maintenance requirements which typically involve checking and lubricating moving parts, hydraulic and electrical system inspections, and control system calibration, but also ensure you have the resources to fulfill the requirements. Check the availability of spare parts, and accessibility of support.

Are there any additional tools or accessories needed for a hybrid press brake?

Just like other press brakes, hybrid press brakes may require tooling such as dies and punching to achieve certain bending shapes. Verify the tooling is compatible with your electric press brake and that the tooling is available.

What is the typical lifespan of a hybrid press brake?

While well-built hybrid press brakes with proper maintenance can have a long operational life, there are several factors that can help determine the electric press brake’s typical lifespan including machine quality, maintenance, usage, current age and condition, manufacturer and more.

What budget and cost considerations should be considered?

Before purchasing a used hybrid press brake, you’ll want to determine not only your budget, but additional costs including tooling, installation, training, and ongoing operational expenses. You’ll also want to factor in transportation costs. Balance those costs with your potential return on investment with the machine’s capabilities, long-term value, and the possibility of selling your hybrid press brake back to a used equipment dealer in the future.
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