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Silberhorn Multijet 2-3 Parts washer, 2008-Auto Load and Unload,Programable Cycles


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Machine Type: Deburring
Make: Silberhorn
Model: Multijet 2-3
Year: 2008
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 587443

Batch: Basket System
Max Load: 300 Lbs.
Frame Size: 670 X 470 X 300 MM
Three Tanks
Ultrasonic Wash, 700 Liter Capacity
First Rinse, Ultrasonic, 700 Liter Capacity
Second Rinse, Ultrasonic, 1400 Liter Capacity
Ultrasonic can be Programmed for One, Two or Three Tanks
Vacuum Dry
Feed and Discharge Conveyors
Size- 13.26′ x 8.2′ x 9.3′

Equipped with:
Auto Load and Unload
Programable Cycles

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