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KenTex 84-16 Sub-Merged Arc Beam Welder, 2017

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Machine Type:
Fab - Other
Allowable Frame Size Frames can vary from 6" to 84" deep, 4"-16" flanges in 3/16"-1 1/2" thickness and 11 gauge to ½" web. Each flange can be of different width and can change width within the frame length. The straight flange can be a 3 ¼" maximum flange width channel.

Materials Alignment and Clamp System
A structural clamp and alignment system allows member production up to the full bed length. Flanges and webs are aligned and clamped using 5' pneumatic clamps. Each clamp includes bladder operation for separated clamp pressure against the clamped flange. Each clamp unit operates from an individual control. The bladder operation reduces potential flange/web gaps. A proprietary system quickly locates the clamps. The clamp alignment system counteracts welding distortion. Clamp units allow for up to 15 degrees of angular frame change. The clamp system's overall length is typically 60'-140'.

Gantry Specifications
A variable-speed gantry system supports welding controls and weld head guidance and flux recovery functions. All gantry machine functions (forward and reverse travel, travel speed, welding head up and down, welding head in and out, and flux recovery) are contained in one enclosure. Gantry drive power is provided by a digitally controlled, inverter drive system. Cables and hoses are routed within the gantry for protection.

Weld seam alignment
Each weld head operates individually. A proprietary weld head guidance system includes adjustable vertical and horizontal pressure and allows rotation for accurate weld joint placement. Welding can be completed to within 2-3 inches of the frame end.

Welding Power Units & Control: Miller 1000 ampere welding power sources, appropriate digital welder controls and wire feeders are included for submerged arc welding. Dual wire weld nozzles are included.

Welding Specifications
Welding speed is dependent on frame member size and welding consumables used. Both flange-to-web welds are completed in a single pass. Welding is performed only on top of the web. Weld fillet size is user-controlled by gantry speed and weld procedure.

Flux Recovery
Two air- or electrically-powered, double filtration flux recovery units are included. The flux recovery units directly recycle usable flux to the flux dispensing hoppers.

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.

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