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Ingersoll EFM 800 - External Cutter Fulcrum Milling Machine (Crankshaft Mill)

Make: Ingersoll
Model: EFM 800
Year: 2008


X Axis (cutter pivot): 9.2in (234mm)
W Axis (work slide): 11.8in (200mm)
W3 Axis (steady rest): 23.6in (600mm)
Z Axis (cutter slide): 41.5in (1055mm)
C Axis (work part): 360deg
S Axis (cutter): 360deg

Rapid Traverse
W, W3, X, Z Axes: 800in/min (20.3m/min)

Feed Rate
X & Z Axes: 1-20m/min

Cutter Rotation
S Axis: 66-138rpm

Work Head Rotation
C Axis: 3-30rpm

Position Accuracy
W, W3, X, Z Axes: 0.00039in (0.010mm)
C Axis: 0.03deg

Position Repeatability
W, W3, X, Z Axes: 0.0002in (0.005mm)
C Axis: 0.015deg

Work head bearing: Grease packed for life with air seals for contaminate protection
Pivot head bearing: Grease packed for life
Chucks: Automatic central lubricator
Slides: Automatic central lubricator
Ballscrews: Automatic central lubricator

Cutter Drive Power: 50hp (37kW) continuous

Adaption: ICMS Quick-change
Diameter: 27.6in (700mm) Max
Change time: 15min

Overall Dimensions
Length: 15ft (4.6m)
Width: 10.3ft (3.1m)
Hight: 7.8ft (2.4m)
Weight: 50,000lb (22,700kg)

Good, Working Condition. Under Power and Available for Inspection.

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