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WF Wells W-914A-CNC Horizontal CNC Saw, 2007

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Machine Type:
Horizontal Saw - Fab
WF Wells
Capacity: Rectangular at 90° 9″ High x 14″ Wide Round 9″ Diameter
Weight Capacity: 3,000 lbs
Blade Speed: 70-380 SFPM
Blade Size: 1″ X .035″ X 11′ 6″
Blade Guide: Roller Guides with Carbide Inserts
Vise: Air, 8½” High
Bandwheel Size: 14½”
Blade Tension: Manual
Blade Drive: 3 HP Variable Speed
Sawing Force: 30-120 lbs
Coolant Capacity: 15 Gallon
Work Height: 35″
Barfeed Projection: Hydraulic 0-25″ CNC Controlled
Projection Accuracy: +/-.002″
Shuttle Indexes: Unlimited
Remnant End: 8″
CNC Programmable Controller with Digital Membrane Screen
Machine Diagnostics & Programming Prompting
99 Job Selection
Automatic Kerf Compensation
Blade Break/Stall Switch
Fork Lift Pockets in Base
Tipoff Worktable: 19½” Wide x 15½” Deep
Shipping Weight: 2,400 lbs
Electrics: Wired to NFPA 79 Machine Tool Standards
Machine Dimensions: 82″ Length x 96″ Width x 68″ Height

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