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Full KN95 Mask Line, 2020- Comes with 200k mask worth of material, $80k in Spare Parts, Bagger Machine, Website, Packaging Logo/Design, BFE & PFE Certifications, Pass N95 requirements, Plug & Play Mask business

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Machine Type:
Plastics Machinery - Other
Dongguan World Precision Co.
KN95 Mask Machine
KN95 Flat Fold Mask Machine
-Extra Heavy Nose Bridge
-21 Masks a minute (1260/hr 10,000/shift)
-3-6 Filtration Layers
-24 Hour Customer Support
-Headbands (required for N95 Certification)

-Mask Machine ($254K New)
-Materials (for up to 200,000 masks worth $30k)
-Spare Parts (worth over $80K)
-Website Domain
-Packaging Design
-BFE & PFE Certification Reports
-Bagger (55k New)
-Printer (ink for 1M mask, prints logos on mask)
-Omron Controls/PLC, Laptop and software license

Station #1 Rollers-
up To Six Layers of Filtration Medium. We Used Three Layers and Used Two of The Automatic Reels for The Headband Material.

Station #2 Alignment-
Aligns up To 6 Layers of Filtration Material.

Station #3 Nose Bridge-
Feed, Cut, and Insert Nose Bridge

Station #4 Sonic Welding Roller-
This Station Welds up To 6 Filtration Layers Together with The Nose Bridge Between Layers 1 and 2.

Station #5 Printer-
4 Print Heads.

Station #6 Upper Head Band Installation-
Headband Material Is Fed Into the Machine, a Precise Linear Slide Pulls the Headband Material, Cutters
Cut the Headband to Length, Rotating Smc Grippers Place the Headbands Then Sonic Welders Lower and Weld the Headbands.

Station #7 Lower Headband Installation-
Same as Upper Headband

Station #8 Tensioner-
Sets the Alignment and Tension of The Mask Before Mask Folding.

Station #9 Mask Fold-
Rollers Fold the Mask in Half.

Station #10 Edge Seal-
Sonic Welding of The Front and Bottom of The Mask Edges.

Station #11 Head Band Lift-
Lifts the Headband so That It Is out Of the Way for The Cut-Out Station.

Station #12 Cut-Out-
Two Rollers Cut Around the Weld Lines of The Mask.

Station #13 Scrap Removal-
Separates the Mask from The Scrap.

Station #14 Bagger-
Bags Each Mask Individually.

Reported that the Manufacturer fully supports the unit.

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