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Industrial Auction Seller FAQs

Auction Seller FAQs

Q: How involved do I need to be in the auction process?

A: You can be involved as much or as little as you’d like. Our team of knowledgeable experts can handle auctions of any size and industry and will handle everything from your first consultation all the way to final payment. With a team dedicated to your auction, we create a custom plan that ensures you’ll get maximum value for your equipment. Learn more about the auction services we provide no matter the size or industry you’re in. We do the work so you can focus on your business operations.

Q: What does the auction process look like?

A: Revelation Auctions follows a personalized plan curated for your specific auction. What’s most vital for you to know is that the items in your auction will yield the highest cash value possible due to the auction process being all-inclusively handled from start to finish by the expert team at Revelation Auctions.

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Q: What should I do to prepare for an auction?

A: First impressions matter and making your equipment look more than worth the money can go a long way. Before our auction team comes out to take photos of your equipement, make sure you have dusted and cleaned your equipment. If able, perform repairs on any critical components. Re-painting can also increase the attractiveness of your item. Small tweaks like these can not only ensure you get maximum value, but can lead to a bidding war.

If you have an asset list available, share it with the auctioneer team. The more details, the better. Buyers are going to want to know everything about a piece of equipment they’re interested in. While our team will take photos and videos, providing them with any photos and videos you have, as well as machine specifications, service records, spare parts, available tooling, warranties, and any additional information can go a long way in ensuring your auction is a success.

Q: How will you find buyers who are interested in my equipment?

A: Finding the right buyer at the right time is critical to moving your equipment quickly and profitably. The marketing best practices followed by our team guarantee the visibility of your assets by an audience that is ready to buy. We have great organic reach on various platforms, and we invest in paid advertising to boost the digital visibility of our available manufacturing equipment and upcoming auctions. Our marketing strategy focuses on target audiences who are most likely to purchase your equipment. With our team, you’ll get a custom marketing plan that ensures a successful auction and is what sets us apart from competitors. 

Q: When does bidding typically happen?

A: Don’t worry if you don’t see bids come in when the auction begins. While the auction is open for 2 weeks, you’ll see most bids take place near the end of the auction. Buyers can start bidding 2 weeks before but most bidding happens 24 hours before end.

Q: Is security provided?

A: Revelation Auctions provides security for the entire removal period. However, we will guard small items for only the initial 48 hours. All claims must be made on site and reported to a representative of Revelation Auctions. 

Q: How and when is equipment removed?

A: You’ll work with the auction team to determine pickup/removal dates. Oftentimes, pickup is by appointment only. All information regarding pick-up will be on the winner’s email including the exact address and point of contact. Once the auction is setup, pickup/removal information will be on Bidspotter as well as the invoice. 

Q: When can I release a machine?

A: A machine can be released once you have a paid invoice. Winners will receive an invoice at the end of the auction by end of business day for any items they have won. All invoices are due no later than 48 hours after receipt. Winners must pay their invoice prior to the removal of their purchased assets. Revelation Auctions will work with you to let you know who has paid their invoices. 

Q: How do I get paid after an auction ends?

A: Revelation Auctions will provide you with a detailed financial report of the project and final payment to you once the auction is complete and all invoices are paid.

Q: What sets you apart from other industrial auction companies?

A: From a knowledgeable auction team to custom marketing plans and everything in-between, Revelation Auctions works hard from start to finish to ensure your auction is a successful and positive experience for both you and buyers. 

Industry Expertise: With more than 70 employees, we have over 270 years of auctions, metalworking, process, plastics, and packaging equipment experience. No matter the size or complexity, our auction professionals have the industry experience to take on your project. From our first phone call to your final payment, you’ll experience a dedicated team of certified auctioneers who plan and execute every detail of your auction. Learn more about our industry experience, our affiliations, and customers we’ve worked with or view past auctions or upcoming equipment auctions.

Auction Services: When you work with Revelation Auctions, you’ll experience a partnership where you get to choose how involved you’d like to be. From our first call to final payment, we create a smooth and easy experience so you can focus on what you do best while our team handles what we do best: recouping the most value possible for your surplus equipment. Learn more about the auction services we provide for each auction.

Tailored Marketing Plan: Our multi-pronged marketing strategy allows us to create strategic marketing plans for each clients’ surplus assets. Our custom curated marketing strategy targets and gains the greatest amount of exposure for our clients by focusing on target audiences who are most likely to buy your equipment. 

Local Partnership: The team at Revelation Auctions is located throughout the country, resulting in a truly local partnership. We are ready to come out to your shop and discuss how we can meet your goals for liquidating your machinery. When your machinery is sitting idle and you can’t find a buyer through your local contacts, let the auction experts at Revelation Auctions take that burden off your shoulders.

Q: What industries have you worked with?

A: Revelation Auctions has worked with businesses across many industries including aerospace, bakery, breweries, cannabis, chemical, cosmetic, food & beverage, lab, metalworking, packaging, pharmaceutical, plastics, recycling, and so much more. Learn more about our experience and knowledge by viewing companies we’ve worked with, our past CNC, fabrication, and process auctions, and upcoming equipment auctions we’re hosting. No matter what industry you’re in, our auction team is ready to make this an easy and positive experience for you, ensuring you get maximum value for your equipment.

Q: Who is Revelation Auctions affiliated with?

A: Revelation Auctions is a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) and the National Auction Association (NAA). These affiliations not only recognize dealers who have a wide range of technical experience and data to help customers improve their productivity, but to ensure we advance ourselves in industrial machinery auctions with continued education and resources. Learn more about our affiliations today.

Q: What if I have a question that is not answered here?

A: If you didn’t find the answer to your question, please reach out to our team of auction experts at Revelation Auctions today!

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Founded with the mission to make machinery buying and selling easier and more transparent, we focuse on building long-term partnerships, rather than a single transaction. This mission not only extends into our auction division, but essential to ensuring our industrial equipment auctions are a success. With a personalized plan curated for your auction, you can feel confident your items will yield the highest cash value possible. Our team of industrial liquidation experts will handle the auction process from start to finish, letting you be involved as little or as much as you’d like.

From our first phone call, our asset liquidation company will take care of all of your needs with our industrial auction services, from organizing and photographing your surplus assets and a customized marketing strategy targeted to audiences most likely to purchase your equipment to accounting, logistics, and everything in-between. Choose Revelation Auctions to experience maximum returns on your surplus assets. Reach out to our industrial auction experts today for a free confidential consultation.

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Our customers put their trust in Revelation Auctions to sell their surplus CNC, Fabrication, and Process equipment. We take the time to understand our customers’ goals and create a plan to get their machines sold. When the best option to move equipment is the Auction route, we carefully go through all machines, tooling, and surplus so that we can place them into appropriate lots. We work with partners to market the auction to the right audience, which ultimately leaves our customers with a smooth and easy experience. 

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“During my search for a partner to liquidate our equipment, I found that Revelation Auctions had easy access to live people to answer questions and get our machinery listed.

My expectations were exceeded. The final tally on the auction was much higher than expected. They know how to market!

I would recommend Revelation Auctions to others – they will get the results you want!”

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