10 KW Jordi LUX 6020 Fiber Laser, 2022- 6′ x 20′, Brand New


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IPG fiber laser resonator: 10KW
Cutting head Precitec Pro Cutter 100/200: “2.0 Last generation”
Automatic shuttle table: 6 ft. 30 ft. (6200×2100 mm)
CAD / CAM software: Lantek Expert Cut-Plus
Communication software: JORDI ONLINE
ESA 675 PC touch CNC Control
Automatic nozzle cleaning
Automatic focal control
21“ screen with Command Control
Ultra-fast height regulation
JORDI Laser Vision Detection 2.1 (Measurement piece / sheet by laser)
JORDI Fly Cutting
JORDI Fast Piercing Ultra-fast piercing
JORDI Dynamic System 2G acceleration
JORDI Automatically cutting system (Automation work queues)
JORDI Automatic Piercing (Instant piercing detection)
Cooling system
Fume extraction system
Safety system class IV and CE
JORDI Cut Quality CCC System 4.0