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10′ x 10Ga Baileigh BB-12010H-NC Heavy Duty Hydraulic Box and Pan Brake, 2023 – Brand New!, 1-Year Parts Warranty


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Machine Type: Hydraulic Press Brakes
Make: Baileigh
Model: BB-12010H-NC
Year: 2023
Capacity: 0 Ton x 10‘
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 098199

Item Number: BB-12010H-NC
Back Gauge Length: 31.5” Motorized
Motor: 5 hp
Thickness (SS): 10 ga. (12 ga.)
Box Depth: 6”
Bend Angle: 0 – 135°
Finger Sizes: 3″ – 4″ – 5″ – 6″
Power: 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight: 10,550 lbs
Shipping Dimensions (Inches): 176x79x89

10 gauge mild steel and 12 gauge stainless steel maximum capacity.
Adjusts to the thickness of the material you’re bending.
You can dial in a programmed bend in manual or semi-automatic mode.
Degree adjustment auto-stop ensures exact repeatability.
Easy-to-usemachine does all of the following:
Clamps the material at the fingers,
Lifts the leaf to the pre-programmed bend,
Opens the beam when the bend is complete.
Operate the machine through the the foot pedal controls.
Comes with 26 hardened fingers in assorted sizes (6 of 3″, 4 of 4″, 10 of 5″, 6 of 6″) that you can adjust for different box and pan applications.
Industrial-grade hydraulics drive the bend leaf.
Greaseable joints and filtered hydraulic system give this metal brake a long lifespan of use.
Numerically-controlled back gauge lets you control the distance between bends efficiently and reduces human error.
Variable bending speed and clamping pressure adjustment let you fit a given material and project.
Top-of-the-line electrical components keep the machine accurate and reliable over years of production.
Electro-welded steel construction, with massive truss rods for additional stability, minimizes twisting and misalignment when bending at full capacity.
Extra-rigid base design supports the weight of heavier materials.
Baileigh covers this hydraulic sheet metal brake with a 1-year parts warranty.

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