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10′ x 20′ Kinetic K5600 XMC Plate Processor, 2018 – W/Hypertherm HPR 400 XD High Def.


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Kinetic K5600 Machine Gantry with 10’ Cutting Width
10′ x 20′ Cutting Evelope
Max Cut Thickness: 3″
48 Hp Spindle Assembly
Pass-Thru Table
Unloads Finished Parts
Plasma to 3″
Oxy to 3″
Drilling to 4″
Tapping to 2-1/16″
Cat 50 Spindle
Table to 10′ Wide
Plasma Beveling
Oxy Fuel Beveling up to 45 degrees

Equipped With:

Laser Pointer
Automatic Tool Changer and 24 Tool Magazine
Automated Contour Bevel
Hypertherm HPR 400 XD Plasma System with Automatic Gas Console
Item 15 Gas Regulator Panel With Servo Oxy Pressure Piercing including an Oxy Fuel Torch on the Main
Percussion Marking System
Infeed Rail and Gripper System
Infeed Roller Transfer Table 10’x20’
Side Unloading Conveyor
Outfeed Roller Transfer Section (3off)
Spindle Coolant Recovery and Chip Extraction System
Spark Cooler
Fume Extraction System
Electrical Protection and Isolation Parts
PrimeCutNE Software (1 Seat)