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1,000 Watt 4′ x 4′ IPG Laser Cube CNC Fiber Laser, 2014


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Machine Type: Fiber Lasers
Make: IPG
Model: 4x4
Year: 2014
Capacity: 0 Watt
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 777174

Laser Power, W CW: 1,000W

FLC-30 Cutting Head
Automatic Capacitive Height Sensing
Replaceable Cover Window
Integrated Coaxial Cutting Assist Gas

Work Envelope
X: 1225 mm (48.2 in)
Y: 1225 mm (48.2 in)
Z: 75 mm (2.9 in)

Maximum Speed: Cutting
1000 mm/sec
2362 in/min

Accuracy: Positioning Repeatability
±25 μm (0.001 in) Positioning Accuracy
< 10 μm (0.0004 in) Repeatability

Motion Platform
X-Y Linear Stage
High-Force Direct-Drive Linear Motors
1.0 μm Resolution Linear Encoders
Motion System Air Purged to Reduce Contamination

Materials Stainless/ Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Laminated Foils

Industrial Motion Controller, Full Look-Ahead Contouring Capability
Laser Power Proportional to Velocity, Windows-based CNC Graphical Interface
G-code Programming, Editable Materials and Laser Parameter Database
Optional CAD/ CAM Packages
Single Part Program Grid Nesting at the Controller

Process Gas Programmable Assist Gas Regulator – Up to 3 Gas Inputs
Cutting Surface
Telescoping Drawer with Metal Cutting Bed, Which Can Convert to Honeycomb Inserts
Removable Debris Collection Bins

Safety CDRH Class 1 Laser System
Exhaust 250 mm (10 in) Plenum
Dimensions, L×W×H: 86 × 103 × 73

Weight: 7987

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