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12′ FMB Turbo 8-80 Bar Feeder, 2007


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Bar Diameter Capacity (No Bar Preparation): 0.3150″ to 3.000″
Bar Diameter Capacity (With Bar Preparation): 0.3150″ to 3.150″
Maximum Bar Length: 13 ft 8 in
Minimum Bar Length: 3 ft 3 in
Maximum Remnant Length: 22.800 in
Magazine Rack Capacity: 11 in
Magazine Rack Angle: Adjustable 6°–20°
Bar Loading Cycle Time (12-foot Bar): 35 seconds
Material Straightness Specification: .007″ TIR/foot of Material (V Blocks, 3 Points Equidistant)
Feed Force (Pusher Torque): Max 750 N, Adjustable
Forward Feed Rate: Max 2360 in/minute, Adjustable
In-feed Rate: Max 0-1650 in/minute, Adjustable
Power Consumption: 1.5 kW – (2 kVA)
Operating Voltage: 230V/60Hz 3-phase
Control Voltage: 24V DC
Oil Capacity: 22 gallons
Compressed Air Supply: 90 psi
Compressed Air Consumption: Approx. 10 liters per Loading Cycle
Machine Weight (Without Oil): 7,260 lbs