1500 Watt Eagle EF Hybrid laser Welder, 2024


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Machine Type: Welding
Make: Eagle
Model: EF Hybrid
Year: 2024
Machine Location: California
Stock #: 935630

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Output Power: 1500W
Power Requirement: 220V
Maximum Power Consumption: 6KW
Power Adjustment Range: 5%-100%
Fiber Core Diameter: 20um/30um/50um
Output Fiber Length: 394“
Laser Welding Depth: 1mm-3mm
Laser Cooling Water Temperature: +20℃ to+28℃ (+68℉ to +82℉)
QBH Output Head Cooling Water Temperature: +28℃ to+30℃ (+82℉ to+86℉)
Welding Seam Requirement: ≤1.2mm
Depth of Melt: 4.0mm
Spot Range: 0-5mm
Pulse Frequency: 10-5000Hz
Cooling Water Pressure: 2-3bar
Working Ambient Temperature: +50℉ to+104℉
Working Environment Humidity: 10%-80%
Machine Dimension: 35.79”x 23.98”x 39.96”
Machine Weight: 441lbs

Equipped With
Laser source
Auto wire feeder
Built-in Water Chiller
Intelligent singe pendulum handheld welding head
Full set of nozzles
Control panel and control system
Protective gloves

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