16″ x 12.75″ HEM Sidewinder A-4 Horizontal Saw, 2022


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Horizontal Pivot Miter Band Saw Capacity
16″ W x 12.75″ H
10″ W x 10″ H @ 45° (L)
Blade: 1″ x 13’6″ x .035″
Motor: 3 HP

Automatic Bar‐Feed
0‐24″ Stroke Air (4 Index)
Easy View Control Console All Function Built‐In
Coolant System with Wash‐Down Hose 18″ Discharge
Support Mechanical Digital Readout & Alignment Bar on Bar‐Feed
Adjustable Main & Feed Vise with Variable Vise Pressure
Air Machine (85 PSI, 4‐6 CFM Minimum Air Requirement)
Two Hold Down Fixtures for Vises
220V(12 amps)/3PH or 440V(6 amps)/3PH Electrical Motor Requirement
Manual Guide Arm Adjustment
Varible Blade Speed w/ LED Readout
Carbide Blade Guides
Manual Blade Tension Adjustable
Cutting Rate & Cutting Pressure Price
Optional Features Laser Light System
Degree Miter Capability 60 DEG (Manual Cut Only)
Spray Mist Lubrication ‐ Flood/Mist Selector Switch