180 Ton X 13′ Mitsubishi Dener Diamond Elite 16040 CNC Press Brake, 2012- X, R Axis Back Gauge, Lots of Tooling


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Tonnage: 180
Bending Length: 13′
X Axis Travel: 24″
Max Open Height: 21.6″
Stroke: 11.8″
Max Approach Speed: 7.9 In/Sec
Max Bend Speed: 0.4 In/Sec
Max Return Speed: 7.9 In/Sec
Throat Depth: 15.7″
Voltage: 480V/3 phase
Dimensions: 15’L X 6’W X 9’H
Approx. Weight: 28,000 lbs.

Equipped With:
ESA CNC Controller
CNC Crowning
American/European Clamping Upper/Lower
All Pictured Tooling Available for Additional Cost