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(2) Gleason 463 Hypoid Gear Grinder, 1970


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Max Cone Distance (30-Degree Spiral Angle w/12″ Dia Wheel): 15″/(381mm)

Maximum Pitch Angle, 90-Degree Shaft: 70-DEGREES

Minimum Pitch Angle, 90-Degree Shaft: 5-DEGREES

Maximum Pitch Diameter: (90-Degree Shafts):

0-degree spiral angle, 1:1 ratio: 15.5″/(393.7mm)

0-degree spiral angle, 3:1 ratio: 23″/(584.2mm)

30-degree spiral angle, 1:1 ratio: 21″/(533.4mm)

30-degree spiral angle, 3:1 ratio: 31.5″/(800.1mm)

40-degree spiral angle, 1:1 ratio: 22.5″/(571.5mm)

40-degree spiral angle, 3:1 ratio: 34″/(863.6mm)

Coarsest DP (Module): 2 DP

Coarsest DP (Module) (Metric): 12.7-Module

Maximum Face Width: 3″/(76.2mm)

Work Spdl Taper Hole Dia.(Large End): 3-19/32″

Work Spindle Bore Taper: (Per Ft) 39/64″

Work Spindle Thru-Hole Diameter: 3.87″/(98mm)

Std Grind Wheel OD: 6″-8″

Std Grind Wheel OD (Metric): 1852-203mm

Max. Wkhead Offset Above/Below Ctr: 4.5″

Max. Wkhead Offset A/B Ctr (Metric): 114.3mm

Distance From Machine Center To Spindle Nose: 3″-20.5″

Distance From Machine Center To Spindle Nose (Metric): (76-500mm)

Feed Rate (Seconds Per Tooth): 1.9-11.8

Approx. Floor Space: 135″ x 81″

Approx. Floor Space (Metric): 3429x2057mm

Approx. Overall Machine Ht: 97″

Approx. Overall Mach Ht (Metric): 2464mm

Approx. Machine Net Weight: 23,000 LBS.

Approx. Machine Net Weight (Metric): 10,455 kg’s

Machine Equipped With:
(2) Machines are sold together
Shared coolant tank
Full set of index gears
Full set of cams
Full set of manuals
Assorted grinding wheels and arbors