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2000 Ton x 40′ Steelweld TH 18-30 Press Brake, 1972


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Mild Steel Bending Capacity: 40′-0 of 3/4″ Plate
Max Tonnage: 2000 Tons
Full Tonnage Speed” 8 In/Min
Half Tonnage Speed: 23 IN/Min
Rapid Advice: Rapid 46 IN/Min
Distance Between Housing: 30’4″
Overall Length of Bed & Ram: 40′ 0″
Stroke Strength Max: 18″
Shut Height, Bed To Ram, Stroke Down: 12″
Width of Top of Bed: 22″
Throat Open: 45″
Hydraulic Cylinder, Diameter: 34″
Hydraulic System Capacity, Oil/Gal: 650
Floor Space: 18’0″ X 40’0″
Overall Height: 17’6″