2013 Kalamazoo K12-14MS Cut off Saw


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5 HP, 3 PH 1725 RPM TEFC motor,CE, available in 50 hz and 575 volt.
Semi-automatic air/oil power down feed.
Adjustable feed rate 0-12 FPM, Momentary rapid override for rapid approach.
Dual moveable 4″ screw vises.
Capacity 2-1/2″ solid, 3″ shapes.
Magnetic switch, low-voltage protection at switch, 24V.
Internal halogen light – 24V.
1″ wheel arbor, 12″ or 14″ blade, (not included), Optional 1.25″/32mm arbor.
Dual coolant nozzles.
2200 spindle speed at 1725 RPM.
Flood coolant, 10 gal., 1/3 HP.
External Dimensions: L 43″ x W 26″ x H 60″.
Internal Dimensions: L 43″ x W 24″ x H 22″.
Table Dimensions: L 22″ x W 15″.
Work Area: L 9.25 (with vises) x W 15″.
Enclosed wet cutting metallurgical saw.
Saw FLA’s for 60HZ: 208V 13.9 amps, 230V 13.4 amps and 460V 6.7 amps
Saw Amp draw for 50HZ: 220V 14 amps, 380V 8.1 amps and 460V 6.7 amps
Options: door interlocks, T slot table # TS-14, X axis table, stock conveyors
Shipping weight 900 lbs.
Shipping dimensions: L 55″ x W 55″ x H 75″
Made in USA!