2017 Felder G480 Edgebander


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Electrical setup:
3x 400 V.
50 Hz.

Premilling unit:
Premilling unit centrally controlled – can be disengaged.
Adjustable cutting depth (mm): 0-2
Tool diameter (mm): 80
Max. processing height (mm): 45
No. of asymmetrical diamond tipped V-cut milling units: 2+2
Rpm: 12000
Power (kW) of each motor: 2×1,1

Working dimensions:
Edge thickness min–max. (mm): 0,4-3,0
Work piece thickness min–max. (mm): 8-45
Min. workpiece width (mm): 70
Min. workpiece length (mm): 210

Coiled edge band feed support plate Ø 800 mm, for PVC/ABS.
Edge feeding is automatic for edge materials with a thickness of 0.4–6 mm, strip glue in separate feed.
Guillotine shears for cutting coiled edge bands up to 3 mm in thickness in Hard-PVC/ABS.
Glue unit for glue granulate from the teflon coated glue pot (-250lfm per 1kg granules on a 19mm plate).
Spring loaded pressure unit with 1 pressure roller and 1 free moving roller.
12,000 rpm, 0.27 kW end trimming unit, with Ø 100 mm 24 tooth HW-Saw blades.
Multifunctional milling unit, 12,000 rpm, 0.37 kW. Flush trimming, radius trimming and bevel trimming.
Corner processing unit for soft and post-forming workpieces for processing front edges (edge thickness min.–max. 0.4–3.0 mm, max. workpiece height 30 mm, min., workpiece length 270 mm).
Tooling for 2 mm radius.

Operating panel with LCD display and keypad.

Through feed:
Workpiece chain feeder.
9 m/min feed speed (- 340lfm/h).
Extensible workpiece support.

Extraction connector Ø in mm: 7×60
Weight kg (with standard configuration): 700
Length in mm: 3350