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Haas VF-8, New 2018, 4th Axis, Extended Z, WIPS-R, CT 50 Taper, TSC

X-Axis Travel: 64.0 in
Y-Axis Travel: 40.0 in
Z-Axis Travel: 38.0 in

Spindle Nose to Table: 5.0 – 35.0 in
Max Spindle Rating: 30.0 hp
Max Spindle Speed: 7,500 rpm

Taper: CT 50
Auto Tool Changer: 30 + 1 (Side Mount)
Table Size: 64.0 x 36.0 in
Max Table Weight: 4,000 lb
Max Cutting Feedrate: 500 ipm
Rapids Feedrate (X,Y,Z): 600 ipm

Machine Features:
Haas CNC Next Generation Control
30 HP Vector Drive; Inline Direct-Drive
1 GB Program Memory; 15” Color LCD Monitor; USB Port
Rigid Tapping; Programmable Coolant Nozzle
95 Gallon Flood Coolant System

Options Included:
Wireless Intuitive Probing System- Renishaw (WIPS-R)
17.7 in (450 mm) Servo Rotary Table
4th Axis Drive and Wiring
Through-Spindle Coolant- 300 psi
Extended Z Axis Clearance: 8 in (203 mm)
Auxiliary Coolant Filter System
Multi-Auger Chip Conveyor System- 4 + Belt
Supplemental Chip Tray Kit
Internal High-Voltage Isolated Transformer- 380-480V
8 Spare M Functions
10 Pull Studs- CT 50
28.5 ft (8.7 m) Extended Cable- for HRT310 and larger