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2x Elizabeth Hata HT-HX77LD-U Stamping Machines, 2001


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-Number of punches: 77
-Maximum diameter of round tablet: (7/16″)
-Charging depth: (0-21/64″) or (0-33/64″) or (13/64″-5/16″)

-Revolutions of turntable (rpm): 8-100**
-Tabletting capacity (tablets/minute): 1232-15400
-Maximum tabletting pre-pressure: 12,000 lbs
-Maximum tabletting main pressure: 12,000 lbs
-Punch barrel diameter: 3/4″
-Length of upper punch: 5.250″
-Length of lower punch: 5.250″
-Diameter of die: .945″
-Length of die .875″
-Dimension: (width x depth x
height) (49″ x 49″ x 75″)

-Power required: (kw) 7.5 (10hp)
-Machine weight: 12,000 lbs

-TSM standard design: Yes
-Shape tooling: Yes
-Core rod tooling: Optional

Price is for both