3.15″ Dia. 90″ L 2011 Iemca I-Flex-6 Magazine Style Bar Feeder


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Bar Size Capacity: .315″ – 3.15″
Max. Bar Length: 7’6″
Min. Bar Length: 39″
Magazine Capacity: 12.5 Linear Inches
Maximum Remnant Length 15″ up to 2.55″ diameter, 10″ for larger diameters
Feeding Speed: 6″/sec (adjustable)
Bar Change Time: 30 seconds for 6′ bar
Bar Feeder Weight: 2500 lbs.

Operates as a 6′ bar feeder with remnant retract or as a spindle length bar loader
Flexibility to run a wide range of bar diameters with change of split bushing and collet only
Highly rigid structure provides a sturdy platform for maximum bar stock stability
One of only 6′ bar feeder in this diameter range that is able to retract remnant
Capable of feeding bars at high speed without having to cut bar stock to the length of the lathe spindle. This reduces the amount of remnant waste and prolongs lathe spindle bearing life.
Can load spindle length bars into close fitting spindle liners for maximum RPM or to use available material
Self-centering bar clamping device requires no adjustments when changing bar stock diameters