30 Ton Nisshinbo HIQ-1250 CNC Punch Press, 1998


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Machine Type: Presses
Make: Nisshinbo
Model: HIQ-1250
Year: 1998
Capacity: 30 Ton
Machine Location:
Stock #:

Capacity: 30 Ton
Table Size: 72″ x 178″
Ram Stroke Length: 1.9685″
Max Ram Speed 210/s
Inertia Down Distance: .39
Quick Stop Time: 18ms
Max Stop Time: 57ms
Max Sheet Size: 49.6″ x 98.425
Max Sheet Thickness: .25″
Max Punching Diameter: 3.94″
Max Sheet Weight: 180kg
Max- Weight at Max Speed: 397 Lbs.
Turret Stations: 37
Turret Speed 30 rpm
Total weight: 44,000 Lbs.

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