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30T Euromac MBX 6 Plus 1250/30-2250 CNC Turret Punch, 2019 – Tooling Included


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Max Punching Force: 300kN
Y-Axis with Multitool/Monopunch: 51.1″
X-Axis with Multitool/Monopunch: 88.5″
Automatic Repositioning in X: Non Disponibile
Position Accuracy: +/- 0.1mm
Bidirectional Autoindex Stations: 3

Opening of Clamps: 0.4″
Automatic Positioning Clamps: 2
Punching with 20mm Pitch: 300
Nibbling with 1mm Pitch: 625
Thickness Range: 0.6mm – 6mm
Max Weight: 330lbs