4′ x 4′ STV CNC Sparx 4400 CNC Plasma Table, 2020


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Hypertherm Powermax 65

Cutting envelope dimensions: 4’width x4’length.
XYZ Breakdown: X=48’’, Y=48’’, Z-axis travel =6’’ maximum
Linear systems: all axis on precision ball bearing carriage guide rails.
Mechanical drive system: Z-axis-full CNC’d billet precision ball lead screw
System interface: Windows OS
Motion accuracy: 0.002’’ per 12’’ inches
Step resolution: (+) or (-) 0.005’’ inches
Maximum cut speed: 800’’ inches per minute
Torch height control: Automatic
Table surface: Waterpans and inserted replaceable 2’’ inch steel slats
Input power: 110v for the plasma table and 220v for plasma cutting system
System ratio: 1:1 direct drive gear ratio
Precision margin of error: every 10ft of travel= off by 0.005’’ to 0.008 inches