50’x 15’x 10′ Collapsible Booth Paint Booth, 2021 – Pre-Removal Pricing*


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Machine Type:
Process Equipment
Paint Booth
Collapsible Booth

Dimensions 50ft L x 15ft W x 10ft H
Center to Center Span – 60″
Structure Overall Footprint – 50ft Length & 15ft Width

Basic Structural Framework includes.
1 Front Wall, incl. Double Roof Truss, 2 Joiner Tubes, 4 Stanchion
Posts fitted into 2 Double Foot Caster Assemblies
9 Mid Wall, incl. Stanchion Posts LH/RH, 2 Single Caster Foot Assy
and 2pc Roof Beam per Mid Wall Section with 1 Joiner Tube per.
1 Rear Wall, which incl. Double Roof Beam, 1 Joiner Tube, 4 Mid Posts plus
2 Stanchion Posts LH/RH. Mid Posts fitted into 3 Double Foot
Caster Assemblies

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