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6000 Watt Bystronic BySprint 3015 Fiber Laser, 2015 – 5′ x 10′ Table


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Machine Type: Fiber Lasers
Make: Bystronic
Model: BySprint 3015
Year: 2015
Capacity: 6000 Watt
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 254157

Power: 6,000 W
Steel (Max. Cutting Sheet Thickness): 25 mm
Stainless Steel (Max. Cutting Sheet Thickness): 30 mm
Aluminum (Max. Cutting Sheet Thickness): 30 mm
Brass (Max. Sheet Thickness): 15 mm
Copper (Max. Sheet Thickness): 12 mm

Hours As Of August 2023:
Power on Hours: 19,700

Length: 11,900 mm
Width: 5,700 mm
Height: 3,200 mm
Nominal Sheet Size: (X) 3,000 mm
Nominal Sheet Size: (Y) 1,500 mm
Cutting Area (X): 3,100 mm
Cutting Area (Y): 1,580 mm
Cutting Area (Z): 100 mm
Max. Positioning Speed Parallel Axis X/Y: 120 M/Min
Max. Simultaneous Positioning Speed: 170 M/Min
Bilateral Repeatability of Positioning of One Axis R (Following Iso 230-2:2014(E)): 0.025 Mm Averaged, Bilateral Position Deviation of One Axis M (Following Iso 230-2:2014(E)): 0.05 mm
Edge Detection Accuracy: (±) 0.5 mm
Max. Workpiece Weight: 1,100 Kg
Maximum Allowed Workpiece Weight on Both Shuttle Tables: 1,850 Kg
Machine Weight: 11,000 kg
Table Changeover Time: 25 sec
Touchscreen and Manual Control Unit
Control: ByMotion OPC ua

Equipped with:
New Cutting Head
New X and Y Rack/Pinion
All New Fiber Modules
Shuttle Table
Dust Collector
Spent over 100K in Maintenance in last 2 months

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