8′ x 20′ Hornet XD CNC Plasma Cutter, 2012 – Bladder Water Table, Hypertherm HSD130


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Bladder Table for Underwater Cutting ($60,000 Substructure built to mfg. spec. Raises up when in use for cutting, no smoke produced, then brought back down)
1 Plasma Head
2 Oxy Heads- Can be used simultaneously

Gantry System:
Hornet XD 8′ Width Gantry System
8′ Cutting Width with 12′ Total Machine Width
1,200 ipm Rapid Traverse Speed
600 (0.8) Digital AC Servo Motors & Drive Amplifiers
(4) Axis Drive System
5-Arc Minute Planetary Gear Heads
2.5″ Diameter Pinion Gears
3/4″ Wide Gear Rack
Dual Linear Ways on Cross Axis
Enclosed Cross-Axis Power Track

Structural Beam Mounted Rail System:
Effective Cutting Length of 20′
48 lb/yd Machined and Flame Hardened T-Rail
3/4″ Wide Gear Rack
Rails Supported by 7″ x 24″ Structural Beam
Enclosed Flexible Cable Carriers

CNC Control:
Hypertherm MicroEDGE Pro CNC Control
Software Supports HPRXD and True Hole Technology
Panel Mounted 15″ Glass Touch Screen
Hypertherm Phoenix CNC Software
Microsoft Windows XP- Embedded Version

**New Up to Date Software

Laser Alignment:
Cross-Hair Laser Alignment Tool

Plasma Power Supply:
Hypertherm HSD130 HySpeed
Conventional O2 Plasma Cutting @ 45 to 130 Amps
Plasma Gas: O2, Air (N2, F5 H35 available with optional gas manifold)
Shield Gas: Air (N2 available with optional gas manifold)
Max. Production Capacity @ 1″ Mild Steel

HD130 Gas Console:
Hypertherm HSD130 Optional Gas Manifold

Plasma Torch Height Control
Hypertherm SENSOR Electronics and Retro Systems RSVS-5-250 Lifter

Collision Sensor:
RAD Collision Mount

Motorized Oxy-Fuel Torch & Slide (2)
OFL-250 Lifter Driven by AC Motor

Hi-Low Preheat Assembly
Cutting Table Construction Drawings
MTC Software

MTC CAD/CAM Software:
ProNext 2010 Manual Nesting Package

MTC CAD/CAM Software Module
Automatic True-Shape Nesting with Pattern Array Option

MTC CAD/CAM Software Module
Collision Avoidance Module for Rapid Parts Technology

Manuals Included