8’x5′ Koike Aronson Plate Pro Extreme 2500 HD Plasma table, HPR260XD, 2013


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Machine Type: Plasmas
Make: Koike Aronson
Model: Plate Pro Extreme 2500
Year: 2013
Capacity: 8‘ x 5‘
Machine Location: New York
Stock #: 301646

Design: Structural Tube Cross Beam
Drive: 3-Axis AC Servo Drive Package
Cut Rate: 4 to 800 IPM
Rack and Pinion Cross Axis Master Carriage Drive with Steel Band, Endless Loop, Slave Carriage Drive
Accuracy: +/- .010 Positioning Accuracy
Repeatability: +/- .001 Machine Repeatability
Output Voltage: 175 VDC
Output Current: 260 A
Duty Cycle: 100% at 40°C (104°F) at 45.5 kW
Power Factor: 0.98 @ 45.5 kW output
Maximum OCV : 311 VDC
Dimensions: 115 cm (45.1″) H, 82 cm (32.1″) W,
119 cm (46.7″) L

Equipped with:
Y axis Drive rail and Floor Mount Package
New Prostar Water Table
Pronest 2012 Basic CAD/CAM Import
Hypertherm Edge-Pro and Koike Drive Interface with Operator Console
Motorized Plasma Torch Station, Master Carriage
Hypertherm Arcglide Torch Height Control

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