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900W Synrad OCTIV CO2 Laser, 2023 – Barely used, Warranty included, 3D galvo, Chiller


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Machine Type: CO2 Lasers
Make: Synrad
Model: OCTIV
Year: 2023
Capacity: 900 Watt
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 415052

Average Output Power: > 900 W
Power Stability: ≤ +1- 5%
Rise Time: ≤ 60 us
Pulse Repetition Rate: 5-100 kHz
Wavelength: 10.2-10.7 um
M2: < 1.2
Beam Ellipticity: < 1.2
Beam Polarization: Linear
Input AC Voltage: 220 Volts, US 3
Input AC Current: 50 Amps/Phase
DC Voltage: 50 V +/- 1.0 V
Max DC Power Consumption: 20kW
Max Average Current: 330 Amps
Maximum Peak Current: 400 Amps
Mechanical Dimensions (Lx W x H): 59.21 in x 19.69 in × 13.11 in
Beam Exit Height: 126.6 mm
IP Rating: IP54
Cooling Method: Distilled water
Minimum Coolant Flow Rate: 30 liters/min
Maximum Coolant Pressure: 100PSI
Pressure Drop Across Laser: 50PSI@ 30 liters/min
Required Cooling Capacity: 20 kW
Coolant Temperature Range: 19-22 °C, non-condensing
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 C
50MM CO2 coated

Equipped with:

SMC controller XYZ-100 Galvo Command interface
Scan head L2B50X3CXY2A-25-A001 3 Axis L2B
OTC-5.0A Air Cooled Chiller

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