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Acasi Trucap-6-Vert Automatic Capper, 2012 – Equipped with Automatic Cap Elevator


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Suitable For a Wide Range of Containers.
Six Spindle Capper Single Gear Box Driven.
Vertical Wheel Cap Sorter: 24″ Diameter Feeding Disc
Motor: 0.25 hp
Integrated Cap Hopper: 3 cubic feet
Adjustable Cap Size Range: 28-38 mm Diameter (up to 60 mm with change parts)
Adjustable Container Height Range: 1″- 14″
Adjustable Speed for Capping Discs
Adjustable Belt Height and Width via Front Knobs
Motor: 0.5 hp
Air Requirements: 5 Cubic Feet per Minute
80 Pounds per Square Inch
Electricals: 1 ph, 120v, 50/60hz, 18 amp
Stainless Steel Construction Mounted on Casters
Overall Dimensions: 66.53″ length x 37.63″ width x 79″ height