Accurate Machine Tools Model 1094 CNC Gun Drill – 1994, 4 axis


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Floor Space Area: 23’9” X 17’4”
Overall Height Of The Machine: 11’8”
Number Of Axes: 4 Plus The Spindle

Axes Names:
‘X’ – Main Slide Motion.
‘Z’ – Vertical Motion.
‘Y’ – Spindle InOut Motion.
‘W’ – Table In/Out Motion.

Working Strokes:
‘X’ = 80 Inches
‘Y’ = 40 Inches
‘Z’ = 60 Inches
‘W’ = 19 Inches

Maximum Gundrilling Depth: 60 Inches

System Accuracies:
‘X’ Axis – Less Than .0005/12”
‘Y’ Axis – Less Than .0005/12”
‘Z’ Axis – Less Than .0005/12”
‘W’ Axis – Less Than .0005/12”

Repeatability: Same
Spindle Runout, 6” From Nose: .0001
Maximum Spindle Rpm: 6000
Maximum Spindle Horsepower: 30
Maximum High Pressure Coolant Force: 1500 PSI
Maximum Gundrill Size Diameter: 2 Inch
Tapping Process: Uses A Floating Tap Holder
Flood Coolant: Provided By Nozzles, Pressure 50 Psi Max.
Type Of Control: Allen Bradley Series 9/260, Mill Control
Spindle Drive: Indramat High Resolution, Digital
Axis Drives: Allen Bradley, Digital A.C. Servo

‘X’ – Heidenhain Glass Scale
‘Z’ – Heidenhain Glass Scale
‘Y’ – Encoder
‘W’ – Encoder

Lubrication: Air Driven Reciprocating Pump, 1500 PSI Max.
All Lubrication Points Individually Adjustable

Operator’s Console:
Pendant Style, Pivoting
Color 12” CRT With Keyboard
Auxiliary ‘MTB’ Panel
Operator Softkeys For Control
Coolant Type: User Dependent
Air Pressure: Consumption – Less Than 15 SCFM
Pressure – Max. 80 PSI, Min. 60 PSI

Spindle Cooling System: External