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Acrison 1015XX-R Auger Feeder, 2017


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Machine Type: Other Process
Make: Acrison
Model: 1015XX-R
Year: 2017
Machine Location: Utah
Stock #: 428485

The Model 1015xx Feeder Provides an Overall Feed Rate Output Capacity Ranging from 4.8 to Approximately 1200 Cubic Feet per Hour by the Utilization of a Number of Different Size Metering Augers. The Selected Metering Auger
Size Provides the Required Output Feed Range.
Volumetric Metering Accuracy Typically Ranges Between ± 1 to 2 Percent or Better (Error) Based Upon a Given Number of Consecutive One Minute Samples.
The Feeder is Supplied with a Flanged Feed Chamber, or a Flanged Feed Chamber with a Cover Having a Circular Inlet up to 16 Inches in Diameter
The Feeder Includes Easy Clean-Out Features, Including A Full Open Front Feed Chamber.
All Product Contact Surfaces Are Constructed Of 304 Stainless Steel.
The Feeder’s Drive Shafts and Seal Components are Also 304 Stainless Steel.
The Conditioning Agitator is Flange-Attached to its Driveshaft.
The Metering Auger Is Provided with a Threaded Attachment to its Drive Shaft.
All Available Metering Auger/Discharge Cylinder Sets for the Model 1015xx Feeder are Interchangeable.
The Metering Mechanism Feeder is Powered by a 2 Horsepower, Totally Enclosed, Variable Speed, Gear Motor Drive with Either a 10:1, 20:1, 30:1 or 50:1 Speed Range Turn-Down Capability from Maximum Motor Speed. Speed Turn-Down is Dependent Upon Motor/Controller Selection.
The Conditioning Agitator is Normally Powered by a Constant Speed, 3⁄4 Horsepower, Totally Enclosed, Heavy-Duty, Gear Motor Drive.
The Model 1015xx Feeder Is Completely Dust-Tight And Virtually Silent When Operating.
Manufactured to the Highest Standards for Quality, the Ruggedly Built Model 1015xx Feeder Requires Bare Minimal Maintenance; Longevity is Exceptional.

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