Adaptive Graphx Hydro Dipping System, 2013-2015 – $11K Worth of Material Included!


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Two Meter Static Printing Machine-Dip Tank

Production Arm

Auto Activator Spray System with Pressure Pot and Multi Program Head Unit

Mixing Bank

Wash Station

-Mossy Oak bottomlands about 100 meters
-Mossy Oak miscellaneous patterns about 15 meters
-Final approach Badlands about 100 meters
-Black/Silver Skulls about 100 meters
-Various other skull patterns about 20-30 meters
-Ston regular about 100 meters,
-Ston white back about 30 meters.
-Kryptek patterns about 3 to 15 meters of nearly each color option
-Carbon fiber patterns ranging from silver to black to chrome, about 20-30 meters.
-Digital prints of various color options about 20-30 meters
-Stone and marble prints about 30 meters
-Woodgrain and burl wood prints about 10-15 meters
-And various other prints, about 30 different patterns anywhere from 1 to 10 meters of each
-Flat Clear Coat
-PP Primer
-Mixing Bank
-Spray Guns

Tank is from: 2013
Lowering Arm: 2014
Active Sprayer: 2015