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Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast DX Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Instrument (PCR), 2019 (5)


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Machine Type: Lab Equipment
Make: Applied Biosystems
Model: 7500 Fast DX
Year: 2019
Machine Location: Nevada
Stock #: 226755

Format: 96-Well Plate, 8-Well Strips
Thermal Accuracy: +-0.5°c
Sample Ramp Rate Fast Mode: +-2.2°c⁄s
Sample Ramp Rate Standard Mode: +-1.6°c⁄s
Sensitivity: Down to 1 Copy of Human Rnase P Gene
Temperature Range: 4.0 To 99.9°c
Reaction Volume Range: 10-30 Μl
Passive Reference Dye: Rox (Separate Tube), Other Passive Reference Dye, Rox (Pre-Mixed)
Dynamic Range: 9 Logs of Linear Dynamic Range
Calibrated Dye: Tamra, Cy3, Fam, Sybr Green, Texas Red, Joe, Rox, Cy5, Ned, Vic
Thermal Uniformity: +-1°c
Throughput: 4 To 5 96-Well Plates Per Day
Run Time: 36 Min. (Fast), <2 Hrs (Standard)
Optics: Ccd Camera, Halogen Light Source, Five Excitation and Five Emission Filters
Thermal Cycling System: Peltier-Based System
Capacity: 12 X 8-Tube Strips, 1 X 96-Well Plate (Fast)
Precision: Distinguish Between 5000 to 10,000 Genome Equivalents (Two-Fold Copy Number Difference) with 99.7% Confidence
Peak Block Ramp Rate: 5.5°c⁄s
Max. Heating Rate (Thermal Block): 5.5°c
Dimensions: 13.39"W X 19.29"H X 17.72"D
Weight: 75 Lbs.

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