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ASA 3-Ply Mask Making Machine, 2020


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3 Ply Mask Making Equipment CE Version For Children & Adult
Product Manufactured: 3 Ply Mask (Surgical, Medical & Protective)
Cycle Time: 60 to 80 PPM
Total Number of Stations: 5
PLC: Siemens
HMI: Proface
Servo system: Panasonic
Cutting System: OPT
Pneumatic System: SMC
Ultra Sonic Welding Lamination & Nose Seal: Weber 20kHz
Ultra Sonic Welding Ear Loop: Weber 20kHz
4-Axis Robot with Vision: Epson
Conveyor: Yiheda
Sensor: Keyence
Safety Switch: Keyence
Equipment Can Produce with Nose Band 0.5-2mm Thickness and 2-4mm Width.

Main function:
Module 1: Automatic Mask Making For Children & Adult- 2 in 1
-Automatic Material Feeding
-Automatic Insertion of Nose Band
-Automatic Laminating & Welding
-Automatic Cutting

Module 2: Automatic Ear Loop Welding For Children & Adult- 2 in 1
-Automatic Mask Loading on to Conveyor Jig by Using 4-Axis Robot
-Automatic Ear Loop Welding
-Automatic Unloading to Stacking Conveyor
-Automatic Stacking (5pcs or 10pcs per stack)

Includes Spare Marts and Materials